Something For You

from by Goat



You say you’ve got something-something for me. You say you’ve got something that I need.
You hear I’ve got something-something for you? And if you don’t like it at least it’s something to do.
I’ve had something to give you for quite some time, just something to give you to pass the time.
It’s something you’ve needed for quite some time. Something you’ve needed for quite some--
You say you’ve got places you need to be, appointments make and people to see.
Well I’ve got a life too, with business to tend but I’d rather make love than make money to spend.
I want you to join me-I want you to see I’ve got a priceless offer I’m giving for free.
It’s something you’ve wanted, it’s something you need, it’s something for you that satisfies…
I see you this evening and can’t help but say “You’re getting more beautiful every day”
And before you leave here I’d like you to come and tend to some business that needs to be done.
Been waiting to see you for quite some time, so why don’t you help me to ease my mind?
Been dying to see you for quite some time, so let’s get together and pass the time.
It’s something for you that satisfies me. It’s something you’ve wanted-something I need.
It’s something for you that satisfies me.


from Breakthrough, released December 31, 2013
Lowell Thomas: Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar

Josh Andrews: Vocals, Bass

Zach Sorenson: Drums



all rights reserved


Goat Chico, California

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