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Breakthrough. What’ll it take to breakthrough? I can’t move.
It feels like I’m tied at the feet and I can’t prove
Homer did walk or that man ever touched moon, nor do I have the desire to.
Stand tall; that’s how I’d stand if I could stand it at all.
On Day 83 I emerged from a free-fall,
strike from a low-ball, to sprint from a slow-crawl; this is my day to live.
Unwind. This is the last and the first of my free time.
The best and the worst of my one-line answers to life and opinions unrefined; still of the simplest kind.
Fake-through,and one day awake to the memory of old you, and those who inspired you.
Who knew a Cloud on a String could be a thing to aspire to? That was the way I lived.
Breakthrough. What’ll it take to Breakthrough? Breakthrough?
Fake through life until you find your way. Fake through, in time you’ll have your day.


from Breakthrough, released December 31, 2013
Lowell Thomas: Lyrics, Vocals, Bass, Keys

Josh Andrews: Guitar

Zach Sorenson: Drums



all rights reserved


Goat Chico, California

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