Bearly Isaac

from by Goat



The wind will bend this bow ‘til it breaks, and when the cradle falls she'll be wide awake.
And with a clean slate she'll begin to fill her head with all of the world she's in.
She'll see people smiling and living free, she'll feel love for all that she knows.
She'll be charismatic, a benign fanatic for the growth of good from within.
When she walks outside she'll smell clean air and see herself with the trees,
And feel as one with the earth and sun, selflessly living in peace.
The wind will bend this bow ‘til it breaks, and when the cradle falls he'll be wide awake.
And like a starving sponge he'll begin to soak up all the ways of the world he's in.
He'll see people crying and living in chains, he’ll feel hate and all that it breeds.
He’ll be pessimistic and feel the misfit; he’ll seek profit driven by greed.
He’ll define himself through material wealth, detached from all that is real,
And use the earth-but for all it's worth-and what can't be bought he will steal.
Too much of a good thing and I've seen I lose appreciation for simpler things.
Too much of a bad thing it's the same, I look to everywhere but myself to blame.
See when I read between lines of these media giants I see money flying the plane
Fueled by special interests and crooked business en route to profit and gain.
It's like I try to live with my head held high but can't see over the pain
As it's being endorsed and then reinforced ‘til the knife is fully ingrained.
Read what they write, hear what they say, watch what they give me to see.
How do I recognize evil from good? What am I supposed to believe?
I'd rather hear from those who were born to give, born to love and to feel,
Lose the knife and the wound will heal.


from Breakthrough, released December 31, 2013
Lowell Thomas: Lyrics, Vocals, Guitar, Horns

Josh Andrews: Bass

Zach Sorenson: Drums

Keith Filson (Isaac Bear!): Closing guitar solo



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Goat Chico, California

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